It's like crap, feel like shifting to blogger but dont want to keep changing. Haha. So I will continue to be here I suppose. :/

And life is monotonous... I need some new kick in my life. That's why I've been shopping a little bit too much to get some kick ;)
My iTouch case is so leathery, it's really a good buy :]

Went out with my mum and Nerdy to celebrate my birthday. We ate at Jade at Fullerton Hotel to eat dim sum. It really has a cosy ambience and we tried stuff like Wasabi Prawns, Abalone Siew Mai, Effiel Tower Pork Dumpling, and Scallop Dumpling. I give my experience there 7/10. It's really unique but some were pretty average and some even were COLD. Each person $28 ++ so total is $98.95.

Nerdy out with his friends. Just finished clearing my wardrobe. Cant wait for my new study table where I can put all my textbooks and cute stuff oh so orderly ;)
Weebly Is Like Having Kids
12/24/2014 14:55:12

'Nuff said.


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